A Guide To Dressing Your Dog For Winter

A lot of dogs are able to adjust naturally to any weather. However, sick dogs and those with short hair tend to be affected by extreme weather conditions. During winter, it might be necessary to invest in jackets, booties, and sweaters to keep your little friend warm and safe. Protect him by learning when and how to dress him when it’s cold. There are a lot of Pet’s Shops which provide excellent quality, such as Fluffy’s Pet Shop. Click here to view more.

Dress up the Little Dogs and Those with Lean Hair

Small dogs such as the Chihuahuas are not able to regulate their body temperature well. They must, therefore, be dressed up in sweaters and jackets below the freezing temperatures. Dogs with a thin coat or fat do not have enough protection for the cold weather. These will also require to be dressed warmly to maintain their body temperatures.

Most Large Dogs Have Natural Coats

Some dogs such as the Siberian Huskies can withstand harsh winter conditions. These have thick coats of fur meaning they do not need any additional gear for winter. Note that dressing these dogs with extra material could lead to overheating. Always remember to take cues from your dog. He should guide you on when to add extra clothing. If you notice they are chilled, be sure to bundle them up.

How to Pick The Warmest Winter Apparel

What you need is to protect your dog from the winter cold. If you are just taking a short stroll outside your house, a sweater should be enough. However, if you are heading out to the extreme cold outdoors, a waterproof warm jacket would be ideal. Note that a wet sweater would get your dog cold.

Ensure the Sizing is Right

Different brands have different sizes, so whether you are shopping at a local store or online ensure you get the sizing right. Do so by taking the measurements of your dog. Measure the neck, waist and chest areas right. The sweaters and jackets should, however, fit snugly yet in a comfortable manner. It should be easy to wear and take off. Most stores will allow you to take your dog along to try for the right fit. If you decide to get your dog clothing from the online stores, follow the guidelines, and be sure to read through the reviews to see what other customers think. Also, ensure that the clothing you get for your dog does not have dangerous accessories. For instance, if your dog does not like the clothing he wears, he may try to take it off. If the clothing then happens to have accessories he may chew on, there may be instances of choking.

The Material

The type of fabric you get for your pup will determine the amount of heat insulated to keep him warm. Although wool can on some breeds be irritating, it is one of the best materials during winter. You could also try knit for better air flow. Winter blankets are also a great choice during cold weather. Whatever you choose for your dog, what matters is its capacity to keep your pet warm and protected.

There are many fabrics and items designed for dogs during winter. Whatever material you choose, look beyond the fashion factor and focus on what’s best for your little friend. Inside jackets designed for winter for instance, fleece is a great accompaniment. Not only does it feel great against your dog’s body, but also ideal for trapping body heat. Just don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors; get out there and have fun with the right gear.