Nutrients Which Should be Present in Malaysian Dog’s Body

In Malaysia and any other part of the world, there some nutrients which are best for dogs, but what a particular breed likes may be different from the other for example, the poodle in Malaysia are sensitive to stomach while a Rottweiler might not be. We must observe our dogs so that we can understand their best nutrient based on their current statuses such as age, unique needs, and current weight.

You need to understand the nutrients all dogs need due to their current situation such as age, weight, lifestyle and their health. You should try to consult your veterinary doctor before knowing whether to add or reduce nutrients, whether to stop or continue the nutrient. All these are necessary most especially the puppy food should be well watched over so that they can continue to adapt as they grow if you want your dog to live a healthy life.

There six types of nutrient all dogs should have which are, carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.  Some dog foods which are trusted vet dog product will include the ingredients and nutrients normal dogs should rather than buying any cheap and untrusted dog food brands.

Here are some nutrients and makings that should be present in a dog food:

Carbohydrates will give your dog energy for the whole day and they can be found in foods like rice, corn, barley, and sorghum.

They also need fats for healthy skin and energy and this can be found in vegetable oils and fish.

Protein generally needed in all dog foods especially the Rottweiler foods in other to build their muscles, skins, and bones so that they can support the other parts of the body and this can be located in eggs, fish, soybean meal, salmon etc.

Fiber is very important in their body to keep their digestive system properly in order. This can also be found in cellulose, beet pulp, and soybean meal.

They also need vitamins which can be found in all of the food ingredients listed above for example egg is a good source of vitamin A and E while potassium can be gotten from brown rice the beef also contains iron. The presence of vitamins in a dog’s body allows the liver, heart and the immune system to work normally and promoting the healthy living.

The presence of minerals in the dog’s body is also crucial in order to give a well-balanced nutrition and it can also be found in the ingredients listed above. The presence of minerals in their body, such as magnesium helps in making the teeth and bones stronger while the appropriate content of sodium will build a healthy heart.

In Malaysia where dogs are more valued, we need to take note of all these nutrients and also be careful of not including too much because it can affect the dog’s health. For you to know the appropriate content you dog breed needs you to need to observe and report your observations to a trusted veterinary doctor around you to get some advice which will guide you in maintaining the dog’s health.