Tips for traveling with your pet on a long journey

If you are planning to go for a trip soon you have a lot to worry about including packing and safety of your luggage. If you add your lovely pet to the mix, things become more complicated since he requires special attention. Whether you are going on a vacation or shifting to a new residence, you do not have to leave your lovely cat or dog behind. You can hire Pet Transportation Services and have your pet transported safely to the required destination. However, before putting that kitten on a transportation truck or plane here are some recommended preparations that will ensure that he has a safe and peaceful journey.

Rehearse with your pet

If your pet has never traveled for a long journey before or it has been long since you went on a trip with your pet, you can train him to adopt. You can start by taking him for short drives around the block then increase the distance gradually. You can also ask one of your friends to take your pet for a drive so that he can adapt to travel with strangers. You can also take him to airports and railway terminals so that he can become familiar with these environments then reward him with fancy food for good behavior. Rehearsal makes your pet feel as if he is taking a short drive as usual during the trip.

Review pet relocation regulations

Pet travel regulations differ intrastate, interstate and internationally. Basing on your destination, you should review regulations and find out whether there is a fee or special documentation required. Some common regulations include rabies vaccination and vet inspection certificate. It is therefore essential that you get updated documentation to avoid trouble with the authorities during your trip.

Visit the Vet

Although some states may not require proof of vet examination, visiting a vet before the journey can be beneficial as it can help you identify a potential complication. If the area you are visiting is known for diseases such as rabies you can have your pet vaccinated to keep him safe.

Take a relaxing walk before the journey

Since your pet will be in an enclosed environment for the entire journey taking a warm-up walk can help to reduce stress. Pets are not known for staying in one place for many hours thus taking a walk will help you and your pet expends the excess energy allowing you both to have a peaceful journey. Look for an open field near the airport or train terminal since taking a walk in these places will trick the pet’s brain that it is just having another walk.

Get the right crate

When choosing a crate for your pet ensure that it has enough for your pet to lie down, sit, stand, and turn. You should also ensure that the crate is firm enough so that it does not break or slip once the car starts moving or the plane takes off. Place absorbent beddings like shredded clothes in the crate to absorb urine and sweat to keep the pet clean and comfortable. Also, place frozen water in a bowl which will melt as your pet gets thirsty during the journey. If you are planning to travel with your pet on your next trip, the above tips will ensure that he gets stress free and exciting journey