he Delaware chapter of Common Cause every year takes a break from its regularly scheduled meetings during the month of August so the drama within the good government organization will be quieting down for several weeks. That’s not to say, however, that more interesting facts aren’t availing themselves as some individuals continue their attempts to get to the bottom of the major malfunctions currently taking up far too much time. And this one’s a doozy. It’s well know that former Common Cause Delaware President Gemma Buckley is a popular political activist within the Democratic Party. But it also seems Ms. Buckley has some friends inRead More →Read More →

House Democrats really want HB177 to pass. So much so I’ve heard from multiple sources that they’re threatening to hold up a vote on the ‘’money bills’’ unless Rep. Bob Gilligan’s pet bill is given a vote in the House. Please see Title 29, Chapter 10 (Legislative conflicts of interest) of the Delaware Code. This is another angle John Flaherty discovered this evening calling into question the legality of HB177. UPDATE: Several Republicans are telling me they’re calling the Dems’ bluff. Imagine how scandalous that would be if the Dems held up the budget and bond bills for the piddling anti-fusion HB177!Read More →